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Carpet Cleaning


Compare the Chem-Dry Difference For Residential & Commercial Cleaning

Chem-Dry's patented carbonating cleaner is applied using a low pressure spray machine, covering your carpet with millions of microscopic carbonated bubbles. The carbonation makes dirt and grime release from the fibers of your carpet and raise to the surface where it is easily extracted and swept away. Due to the minimal amount of moisture used, carpets cleaned the Chem-Dry way are dry in only 1 - 2 hours.
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This process differs drastically from that of steam cleaners, which simply douse your carpet in buckets of hot, soapy water, then attempt to suck it all back out. While this process does temporarily clean your carpets, it also leaves behind a layer of sticky residue which collects dirt quicker, in addition to leaving moisture which causes the carpets to take longer to dry and allows for mold and bacteria to grow.

Overall, Chem-Dry offers a healthier, more thorough carpet cleaning experience.
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Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction)

  • Flat, inactive Cleaning Solution
  • High pH Cleaning Solution
  • Encourages Re-soiling
  • High Water Quantity
  • High Pressure Application
  • Long Drying Times
  • Harsh Chemicals, Excessive Water


Chem-Dry (Hot Carbonation)

  • Carbonating, Active Cleaning Solution
  • Neutral pH Cleaning Solution
  • Resists Re-soiling
  • Low Water Quantity
  • Low Pressure Application
  • Short Drying Time
  • Green Solution & Cleaning Method
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The Natural

Our 100% non-toxic, natural, patented carpet cleaner, The Natural ®, is one of the purest carpet cleaning solutions available and is the heart of our cleaning process. The Natural ® combines the perfect balance of Mother Nature's ingredients with the carbonating bubbles that lift the dirt up out of your carpet, providing you with carpets that are cleaned thoroughly and safely. And because it contains no soaps, detergents, solvents, enzymes or other harsh chemicals, you can rest easy with Chem-Dry's Natural solution which is safe for your kids and pets.

Our core cleaner, The Natural®, is:

  • Green Certified
  • Ingredients Are Copied From Mother Nature
  • All Ingredients in The Natural® Are On FDA G.R.A.S. (Generally Recognized as Safe) List
  • Safe & Non-Toxic For Your Kids And Pets
  • Does Not Contain Any Harsh Chemicals, Soaps, Detergents, Or Phosphates
  • Does Not Leave Behind Sticky Residue
  • Perfect Solution For People With Allergies
  • Only Chem-Dry cleans with The Natural®
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Pet Odor Remover

We love pets, but sometimes they have accidents in our homes and for some reason, the smell doesn't go away sometimes. That smell is coming from the carpet, pad, and even the sub floor. Chem-Dry has a thorough process is identifying lingering pet urine and removing it.

Locating the Problem Area


The first tool is old fashioned, but it works. We literally get down on the carpet and sniff.

Moisture Sensor

Black Light


Tested & Proven

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Chem-Dry Protectant

Chem-Dry's protectant is the best thing for your carpet! Other cleaners apply their stain fighters only to the surface; Chem-Dry's proprietary Protectant uses heat and co-application process to deep coat the fibers for better adhesion and results.

Stain Fighting Power

Over time, factory applied protectants wear off, leaving carpets more susceptible to stains. To defend against spots and spills, apply protectant every time you clean.

Carpets Stay Cleaner Longer

Protected Carpets Can Last Longer


Area & Oriental Rugs


Area rugs are a beautiful addition to your home. They often are a large investment to your décor and a lot of time, are a work of art. Overtime, they become dirty just like your normal carpets. Let Tidewater Chem-Dry help bring the patterns and colors of your rug back to life! Our tools and products help clean your rug without leaving dirt attaching residues or damaging the delicate fibers that make your rug. Rug cleaning is done all in your home so you can ensure your rug is in great care.

Leather Cleaning


Leather cleaning is a specialty service. Our technicians are specially trained to clean and condition leather. Over 300 tanneries and leather manufacturers endorse our products. Chem-Dry offers a safe and effective clean for leather furniture that restores its natural vibrancy and shine, adding years of life to your investment. With regular cleaning by a Chem-Dry Certified Leather Specialist, you can prevent undue wear and keep leather furniture looking great.


Upholstery Cleaning

Couches, recliners, and dining chairs are just a small example of the upholstered furniture that Tidewater Chem-Dry will get clean.

Chem-Dry commissioned a leading independent laboratory to test the performance and healthfulness of our Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) cleaning process. The lab concluded that Chem-Dry's HCE process removes an average of 99.1% of common household allergens from upholstery. The allergens tested were dog and cat dander and dust mite allergen. In addition, the lab found that our HCE process, used along with a sanitizer, removes an average of 89% of the airborne bacteria in the home, improving indoor air quality.

Chem-Dry uses the power of carbonation to lift dirt and soil to the surface of your fabric upholstery where it is sucked away using our powerful Chem-Dry cleaning systems. The secret to Chem-Dry's drier, healthier upholstery cleaning is the millions of tiny effervescent cleaning bubbles in our cleaner we call The Natural. The carbonating solutions penetrate deep into the base of the carpet, literally exploding dirt and grime off of the fiber's surface. Then, we use hot water extraction to lift the dirty particles to the surface where they are whisked away. Chem-Dry's safe, non-toxic solutions actually help your fabrics stay as clean as when they were new.

Chem-Dry offers Unique Advantages

~ Safe for children and pets.
~ Safe for all kinds of upholstery, including some of the finest natural fibers and the hardiest synthetics.
~ A money saver because Chem-Dry leaves no sticky or dirt-attracting residues which can prematurely soil your upholstery.
~ Great for auto interiors, boat interiors, office dividers, furniture and any upholstered item.
~ Chem-Dry's fabric Protector shields your upholstery by forming a water and oil repellent barrier on the surface of your upholstery material.
~ Specialty leather cleaning service with products endorsed by more than 300 tanneries and leather manufacturers.

Stone, Tile & Grout Cleaning

Chem-Dry’s stone, tile and grout cleaning and sealing services penetrate deep inside the porous surfaces to remove the bacteria that can spread germs, eliminate grime and seal out dirt. And the result? You’re able restore the appearance of your floors, while also extending the life of your stone and tile surfaces. Our technicians use specialized cleaning solutions as well as powerful deep-cleaning extraction equipment to blast away and remove the dirt and build-up, making your home cleaner and healthier for your family and pets. Professional tile cleaning is important, not only because it protects and preserves your investment in the premium building materials in your home; it also helps maintain the healthfulness of your home. Contrary to popular opinion, the environment inside your home can be two to 100 times more polluted than the air outside. A build-up of bacteria, dust and pet dander on flooring surfaces can contribute to all kinds of chronic illnesses including allergies and asthma.
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Keep Germs Out By Sealing Your Grout

As a part of every cleaning, your certified Chem-Dry professional will apply a coat of durable sealant to your grout. When our trained staff applies the sealant, a barrier is created, minimizing the amount of dirt that is able to seep into the grout pores. This helps your grout stay cleaner, longer and maintenance is simple because dirt doesn't penetrate deep into the cracks.

Tile Cleaned By Chem-Dry Looks Better and Lasts Longer

It is recommended that your tile, stone and grout be cleaned every 12-18 months to ensure long-lasting protection. Sparkling, clean, sanitized tile and stone looks better and is healthier for people and pets. Chem-Dry's service is perfect for many varieties of tile and stone such as Saltillo, ceramic, porcelain, slate, granite and travertine. Also ask about our grout color restoration service to rejuvenate existing grout joints.
Renew the look of your tile, grout and stone by calling Tidewater Chem-Dry today. We can schedule a free estimate when you call.